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Digital projection lighting


Welcome to a new era of digital projection. Breakthrough technology means colors are clear and words jump out of the screen.

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The material of the teacher projected on the board with philips DPL lighting

Replacement lamps for projectors and REAR projection TV’s


Our original digital projection lamps shine brighter, last longer, and have excellent light quality with low cost of ownership.


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New! Front replacement lamp modules


When it comes to light, we don’t believe in cutting corners. But many distributers do, and we are seeing more and more counterfeit lamp modules on the market. These low-quality alternatives offer inferior picture performance, lamp lifetime and product safety.


We believe that today’s technology should benefit from high-quality lamps. To protect you from counterfeit products, we’ve launched a range of lamp replacement modules for specific projector types.


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Which lamps module fits your projector

Check if your Philips lamp module is an original

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Title: 25 years of breakthrough innovations

The power behind the picture

UHP guarantees reliable lamp systems with longest-lasting life cycles and outstanding brightness.

Experience true colors

See it to believe it. Vidi technology represents an astonishing breakthrough in color performance.


Focus attention where you want it to be

Need a bright idea for saving money? ImageCare helps you reduce your energy bills with Saver Mode. Plus, you can easily focus attention on the screen by changing its brightness.

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Constant bright images


Light that lasts. Philips ImageLife is the only digital projection lamp that promises three years of constant brightness, creating an enhanced learning environment.


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10,000 hours of high projection quality  

Ready for a longer lasting lamp? A 10,000 hour life cycle is now possible. This is thanks to the optimal cooling and optical conditions designed by leading projector brands, and full electronic control of all lamp parameters by Philips.

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