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LED products

Philips GreenPower LED toplighting  


Philips is introducing an LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.



Installation guide

Philips GreenPower LED interlighting module  


The interlighting module is a bi-directional lighting module for interlighting in between tall plants e.g. tomatoes.



Leaflet 230-240V*

Information guide

Installation guide 230-240V*


Philips GreenPower LED production module


The production module is developed for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight.


Leaflet 230-240V

Leaflet 100-120V*

Installation guide 230-240V

Installation guide 100-120V*

Philips GreenPower TLED 

Philips GreenPower LED string  


The LED string is used in tissue culture and in seedling storage.



Installation guide*

Philips GreenPower LED research module


The research module is specially designed for doing research with light, the light is manually adjustable.



Installation guide*

Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp 


The flowering lamp is the alternative for extending day length for plants that are sensitive to the photoperiod.


Leaflet 230-240V

Leaflet 100-120V*

* These modules are UL/CSA approved

HID products

MASTER GreenPower/ GreenVision


The efficient MASTER GreenPower Plus EL is a direct upgrade for the well known MASTER GreenPower EL lamps.



MASTER GreenVision DIM


Philips GreenVision DIM gives you more control over your entire lighting installation.



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