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Insect traps

If your company is in the food and beverage industry, it’s crucial to maintain healthy and safety standards – and safeguard your reputation. That means keeping kitchens and restaurants free of flies and insects. The most effective and hygienic way to do this is with a purpose-built fly killer.


Philips Actinic BL lamps have been specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. They emit the precise wavelengths of UV light that insects are attracted to, drawing them in and eliminating them.


The fixtures provide a high output that is maintained for the whole lifetime of the lamps, ensuring a hygienic and bug-free environment. In addition, their energy-efficient performance and low mercury level makes your workplace more environment-friendly.


Chef preparing insect free food
  • Actinic BL TL-D(K) Secura
    Actinic BL TL-D(K) Secura
    Actinic BL TLD Secura - Parempi turvallisuus ja HACCP-hyväksyntä The Philips Actinic BL TLD Secura on pudotuskestävä Actinic-tuoteperheen malli. Sen erityinen ulkoinen vaippa pitää...
  • Actinic BL TL-E
    Actinic BL TL-E
    Ympyränmallisia pienpaine-elohopeahöyryloistelamppuja

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