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Reliable solutions

To achieve the best performance from any installation, the delicate balance and interaction between lamp and driver needs to be optimized.


Reliable UV lamp systems

Residential water and air

The quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe has a profound effect on our health and well-being. Households can purify their water by installing UV water purification systems. Air purifiers with UV lamps can render germs that float through the air harmless.
A mother with her daughter pouring water in a glass

Municipal drinking and waste water

Providing citizens with safe drinking and waste water


Every government aims to provide its citizens with safe drinking water. UV lamp systems can de-activate the microorganisms in water cost-effectively by avoiding or reducing the use of chlorine.


Working together pays off


Philips DynaPower is the only amalgam lamp and driver system that gives you guaranteed peace of mind. To demonstrate just how reliable the system is, we are offering test installations for a specially reduced price.

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Hospital disinfection

Reducing the risk of airborne infections with Philips UV lamps


Hospital acquired infections affect around 10% of patients during their stay. There is increasing evidence that up to 20% of these infections are transmitted via the air. UV disinfection lamps deactivate microorganisms, contributing to a safer indoor working environment.

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Philips TUV TL-D lamps for air disinfection offer best-in-class reliability


Airborne viruses and bacteria contaminate the air trapped indoors and can pose a real health threat in hospitals, both to patients and staff. That is why maximum protection against airborne bacteria and viruses is paramount. Philips TUV TL-D lamps offer the best reliability and lowest percentage of lamps that fail prematurely in the market. As a result you can be sure to comply with the health and safety regulations. So you can concentrate on what matters most – your patients.

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Philips TUV TL-D lamps

Unique electrode technology for best-in-class lifetime reliability


Philips TUV TL-D lamps are based on proven technology that has allowed a breakthrough in lamp life reliability. In contrast to other TUV lamps on the market, Philips TUV lamps contain two different electrodes. Because only one electrode determines the lifetime of the lamp, the causes for the spread in lifetime are effectively halved and an inherently better control of the lifetime spread is realized. As a result, the Philips TUV TL-D lamps outperform any other TUV lamp in their category on lifetime reliability.

Cutting-edge vision system to retain the high quality of our lamps


Philips has a unique fully automated manufacturing process in place for electrode processing and emitter dosing. This process matches exactly the patented electrode technology. The vision system performs an optical check on the positioning of the electrode. All lamps that do not fulfill the exact requirements are automatically rejected during the manufacturing process. As a result, we can guarantee the quality of our lamps.

Unique pre-coat for reliable maintenance of UV output


Philips TUV TL-D lamps contain a unique pre-coat that ensures that the UV output is constant over the complete lifetime of the lamp and never drops beneath 85% of its initial output.


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Lowest mercury content for a better environment


Philips has always taken the lead in reducing the amount of mercury required to operate fluorescent lamps. In addition, we developed a unique mercury dosing capsule that allows for:


  • Precise dosing of the smallest quantities and fully reliable stated content
  • No mercury emission during manufacture
  • Minimum mercury consumption during the lamp’s life.


Our unique dosing capsule allows for minimum mercury content while providing optimum product performance and contributing to a better environment for all.

Office and treatment

A healthier working environment with Philips UV lamps


The air we breathe in at the office is often anything but clean. It is frequently re-circulated along with bacteria, viruses, pollen and toxic gases. By installing UV lamp systems in in-duct air units, you can contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

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Swimming pools

A more comfortable swimming experience with UV disinfection


Until recently the only way to ‘clean’ water was by adding high doses of chlorine or other chemicals to it. All these have major disadvantages. UVC disinfection has none of these negative side effects and has major benefits over the traditional methods.

A woman in a swimming pool

Fish ponds

Clear fish ponds with Philips UV disinfection lamps


Fish pond owners are often troubled by phototrophic micro-organisms that appear as dense suspension. Seasonal effects may lead to massive growth. A Philips UV lamp in combination with a filter can keep a 4.5K liter pond water clear.

A mother and a daughter are playing in a pond disinfected with Philips UV disinfection lamps

Keep your pond clear and healthy

All year round – with the Philips Aquatic range of UVC lamps


Algae can upset the natural balance in your fish pond, spoiling its visual appeal and spreading harmful diseases to the fish. UVC lamps are the engine behind your UV device, providing the power that keeps the water clear of algae and bacteria. Not enough UVC power and your device can’t keep your pond crystal clear. So it’s vital that the lamps and UVC device are designed to work together to maximise performance.


Size matters


Only by choosing a high quality lamp with the right wattage for your UVC device, can you protect the delicate balance between the components in your filtration system, optimising performance and efficiency. So it pays to know exactly what kind of engine you need to power your pond.


The power to perform


Philips has the right UVC lamp for every size of pond UVC device. Not only do our lamps provide a constant, best in class UVC performance; after one full year of operation (9000 hours), they still provide >80% UVC output. So with Philips in your system, you can be sure the lamp is up to the job. Which means you can maintain the clean, clear and healthy water that shows your pond off at its best, right throughout the season.


A greener choice


Philips UVC lamps for fish ponds are a green choice too. Designed with world-leading low levels of mercury, long life and high efficacy, they also offer the best environmental performance. So taking care of your fish pond can take care of the planet too.

Ship ballast water

Protecting the eco system with Philips UV disinfection systems


Maritime traffic consumes enormous amounts of ballast water. Organisms are transported with this water, multiply and risk disrupting the natural ecosystem. The transfer of ballast water between the world's oceans has become an enormous environmental threat.

A ship in a harbor


  • TUV T5
    TUV T5
    Pienpaineiset elohopeahöyrypurkauslamput, ohut T5-kokoinen (16mm) ulkokuori

UV Purification solutions


Mother and daughter use Philips InstantTrust for water disinfection

Clear water, Your way


Clean water for fish ponds, jacuzzis and spas


Philips YourSource

Disinfection of fish ponds, jacuzzis and spas

Guaranteed peace of mind


No more worries about your waste water plant operation


How Dynapower can help

Philips Dynapower system for waste water plants

Close partnership in
developing UV lamp systems

Close cooperation for innovative and reliable UV systems

We work closely with our customers and partners to develop and produce the most reliable solutions, making sure that they fit perfectly within the application. We create tailor-made lamp systems when required.


Together with our key customer Van Erp International we have developed the YourSource UV Module. Watch here the first video that shows how the idea for this new innovation was born during a brainstorm with Van Erp and which challenges we needed to solve.

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One stop shop for UV lamp systemswith complete responsibility

When you choose Philips as a partner, you can be sure that we take complete responsibility for the system performance and reliability. You deal with one supplier for the total system. This helps to avoid problems on any compatibility failures and makes life easier for you.


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